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Ultra Light helicopter with the lowest cost

Flying a Dynali  H3 SPORT does not cost a lot of money. Here is a list of the major prices  

Price for a Dynali H3 EasyFlyer Sport standard version: 120.000 € (EXW delivery, prices with VAT not included).

Standard version does include

v  100HP Rotax 912ULS

v  Single alternator

v  Analog instruments

v  Governor

v  Black-coloured cabin

v  Aluminium anodized tubes

v  Aluminium main rotor blades

v  Carbon tail rotor blades

v  Dual controls

v  Ergonomic seats

v  Luggage compartments

v  Circular vents

v  Wheels

v  MTG chip detector

v  RTG chip detector

v  Low fuel indicator

v  Low voltage indicator

v  Low RPM indicator & alarm

v  Fan 1 & 2

v  VSI

v  Altimeter

v  Airspeed indicator

v  Compass

v  Voltmeter

v  DUAL RPM indicator

v  Manifold pressure

v  Fuel gauge

v  MTG T°

v  Oil T°& pressure

v  CH T°

In addition to the standard version of the H3

You can choose any of below options :

v  Rotax 912ULS-I 110HP (injection system)

v  Rotax 914UL 115HP (turbo system)

v  Second fuel pump with automatic low pressure switch (for Rotax 912ULS-I 110HP)

v  Carburator heater (Rotax 912ULS)

v  Additional oil radiator

v  Additional alternator

v  Strobe light

v  Landing light

v  Position lights (red & green)

v  Carbon rotor blades


v  Transponder FILSER TRT800 / TRIG TT91 / DITTEL

v  12V car plug

v  Chrome-plated chassis

v  Cabin heater

vVisual fuel gauge (on cabin wall)

vAdjustable rudder pedals

vCustomised instrument panel

vAdditional fuse

vAdditional starter and governor switch (for flight schools)

vFuel tank 80L

vAdditional circular air vent

vSliding lateral air vent (installed on both sides)

vPersonalised colour scheme

vPainted tubes

vSun protection shield

vLeather seats

vRegistration stickers

vDelivery to customer in Europe