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The history of FK aircraft can be followed back to the year 1959 where the Funk family first began designing light aircraft. 

FK-Lightplanes is active in the field of civil aviation, and is a compound of two companies namely FK-Lightplanes Poland & FK-Lightplanes Germany (B&F Technik Vertriebs GmbH).

FK-Lightplanes Poland is the head office and is responsible for the sales, marketing & production of the B&F designed FK aircraft range. The aircraft plant and administrative area consists of 5000sqm divided into two plants.  The company has of over 80 employees, workers and administrative crew.  There are also many local companies contracted as SUBSUPPLIERS of components and services for the aircraft FK production.
Final assembly, activities are delegated to international and local sales partners.

quality assurance and testing are also carried out in Poland, as well as at our certified delivery centres.   Sales service is handled mainly from this side and distribution

FK-Lightplanes Germany (B&F Technik Vertriebs GmbH)handles product development, main engineering and certification of our aircraft, as well as after sales and customer service.  The company also handles aircraft delivery to local markets and FK’s developmental flight testing.

As the production of sport planes is carried out in a relatively small series, and the planes are therefore 100% hand-made, this division of labour is exemplary for the sector.

The manufactured products are delivered in over 23 countries all over the world. The export figures for the past three years show a continuous growth of sales.

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